Villa Bordeaux  takes you on a delightful trip to Arcachon, the quaint French seaside town sitting on the Atlantic coast in the Gironde region, surrounded by the pine forests of Les Landes. This coastal resort is well-known for its sand dunes, oysters and winter villas. Villa Bordeaux is a tribute to these huge, tall and often sumptuous villas of various inspirations, built in the 1860s. Frequently immersed in lush greenery, between the pines and the dunes, these picturesque houses were intended to be traditional yet innovative in style.  

Our brand brings you a fresh, new and more contemporary image of Bordeaux, one of simplicity, accessibility and drinking pleasure. Villa Bordeaux has a modern packaging design with chic, understated and original graphic codes and bearing illustrations of the winter villa and the parasol pine.

With their soft, fruity and elegant style, these are seductive wines par excellence. Villa Bordeaux is available as a red, rosé and dry white wine for your drinking pleasure. With Villa Bordeaux, you will be exploring wines with a rich palette of aromas and flavours, perfect for enjoying anytime and anywhere.

Villa Bordeaux, the new spirit of Bordeaux !

Villa Bordeaux Red
Villa Bordeaux White
Villa Bordeaux Rosé