Who hasn’t plopped a few ice cubes into their glass of rosé to cool it down? The practice is so commonplace that Maison Le Star decided to turn it into a product in its own right: Rosé On Ice, the rosé especially formulated to be served on ice. 

Against the background of a great popularity of rosé wines and a market very receptive to innovation, Rosé On Ice is confident stating that it can be served on ice. 

Presented in modern packaging with an impactful design, Rosé On Ice is a promise of freshness, sweetness and fruit that anyone can enjoy ! 

An easy-to-drink wine, made from 100% Grenache, Rosé On Ice is your perfect companion for aperitifs in the sun and will pair wonderfully well with summer salads and grilled meats. Serve with ice cubes or even over crushed ice !

Rosé On Ice, the “frosted rosé” !

Rosé On Ice