Maison Le Star

Deeply rooted in the vineyards…

Maison Le Star is deeply rooted in the heart of the Bordeaux wine region.

Combining the savoir-faire of two historic and reputed wine merchants in the Bordeaux region - GRM and La Guyennoise – Maison Le Star now counts 6 Châteaux and almost 600 hectares of vines making it one of the Bordeaux wine industry’s key players.

Maison Le Star uses traditional winegrowing and winemaking methods combined with a modern approach. It benefits from a unique expertise in the production and commercialisation of easy to drink and highly enjoyable wines in France and worldwide.

Our Châteaux represent the diversity and variety of Bordeaux's terroirs, between the Dordogne and Garonne rivers. The plateaus and hillsides are composed of clay and limestone soils which lend the wines their distinctive characters. Whether suppleor powerful, fruity or tannic, the wines are always authentic.

‘We are proud of our team of 150 professional, a mix of all generations and different nationalities. All of the men and women who make up this team are passionate about wine and share the same objective: sharing with a wide consumer base, composed of wine experts and amateurs alike, the pleasures and diversity of French wines and making them accessible through affordable prices and easy to drink styles.’

Guillaume Brochard,
General Manager Maison Le Star

… on an international scale

As part of its international approach, Maison Le Star offers a quality and easily reachable service to wine consumers throughout the whole world.

The first step in this international strategy was the opening of a large and innovative showroom in Shanghai in 2016 which showcases all of the Maison’s wines.

The company is planning to open similar premises to the Shanghai showroom in other places around the world, where wines of Bordeaux and France are a passion.