Constantly attentive to new consumer trends, Maison Le Star has innovated and launched the Le Star brand, a range of accessible, high-quality French wines presented in an original packaging: a 25cl aluminium can.

Available as 3 varietals (Merlot, Grenache Rosé and Colombard), these three wines have been carefully selected from the finest terroirs in the South of France. Our in-house oenologist has travelled across these lands of sunshine and light to bring you the very best of each grape variety.

Le Star is presented in a modern, fun packaging with simple, expressive graphic codes and a tricolour moustache as its emblem.  It comes in very practical packaging (lightweight, unbreakable, easy-to-carry and ready-to-use) that is sustainable (100% recyclable and renewable) and particularly suitable for wine. Protected from air and light, the wine conserves all its aromas and freshness long after its packaging.

Red, white or rosé, this adventurous range can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.  A picnic with friends, drinks after work with colleagues or a Sunday aperitif with the family... all perfect occasions to enjoy a glass of Le Star!

Le Star, a new wine drinking experience.

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