After the acquisition of the GRM group last March, Guillaume Brochard announced the acquisition of another wine selling company LA GUYENNOISE with its domains: Châteaux Cazeau and Giraudot (AOC Bordeaux). These two transactions will give birth to a new player in the Bordeaux wine trade - MAISON LE STAR.

With an annual marketed volume of almost 45 million bottles for the year 2015 and more than 500 hectares of vineyards, MAISON LE STAR, a trading company founded and chaired by Guillaume Brochard, is becoming a new high-level operator among the Bordeaux wine merchants.

Common values and strong roots in the terroir

Both producers and traders for several generations, GRM and LA GUYENNOISE share a common corporate culture, an attachment to family values and the terroir

The new group will allow MAISON LE STAR to develop synergies between the two companies on the international markets while expanding the commercial influence of each entity. GRM is particularly well established in France while LA GUYENNOISE is one of the leading operators in China where it carries out half of its activity. The geographical proximity of the two partners as well as their common supply chains also contribute to the merge.

The marketing strategy of this new company has three main directions:

  • The merge of the two Bordeaux-based companies will give an opportunity to enlarge the existing wine range of them focusing on the middle-priced wines.
  • The holding will have an exclusive trade right on its estate wines including: Château Cazeau (AOC Bordeaux), Château Giraudot (AOC Bordeaux), Château Picon (AOC Bordeaux Supérieur), Château Guillaume Blanc (AOC Bordeaux Supérieur), Château Grandefont (AOC Bordeaux), Château Les Roques (AOC Côtes de Duras)
  • The launch of a new premium wine brand is planned for the year 2017.

The new importing company MAISON LE STAR that has just been opened in Shanghai will be responsible for the development of these three business directions in China.

GRM is specialized in the production and distribution of Bordeaux and Southwestern wines. Based in Pineuilh it employed 45 people and marketed nearly 15 million bottles in 2015 including the estate wines, brands and innovative products such as Be Pink or Rosé on Ice

Founded by Michel Martin, LA GUYENNOISE is located at Sauveterre-de-Guyenne, in the heart of Entre-Deux-Mers region. It employs 70 people. Offering a remarkable selection of estate wines from all appellations of the Bordeaux region, it is also well equipped. LA GUYENNOISE marketed nearly 30 million bottles in 2015.

Merge between GRM and LA GUYENNOISE
October 11, 2016
Merge between GRM and LA GUYENNOISE