It is only through respecting the terroir and the vine that we obtain the best possible wines. Biosens follows this “rule of respect”.  

Biosens has been conceived to meet the expectations of today’s society, taking the most ethical approach possible. Health benefits, environmental protection and product quality are at the centre of our everyday preoccupations. The result is Biosens, a Bordeaux wine brand with a sustainability mindset.  

Respect for the earth, respect for nature : our common sense…

It has several virtues: in addition to being an organic wine, Biosens is vinified without the addition of sulphites so, as nothing artificial intervenes in the winemaking, we are able to endow our wine with the purest expression of its terroir. Its packaging is entirely eco-designed with a lighter-weight bottle, an eco-sustainable capsule, a closure made from sugar cane and labels made of 100% recycled material.

Biosens comes from plots located on the charming slopes of the Entre-deux-Mers region, in the heart of the Bordeaux appellation. The vines grow in clay-limestone soils of great character and give us a succulent and expressive wine, "without artifice", that will pair perfectly with classic dishes or more creative cuisine. 

Biosens, a deeply sustainable Bordeaux.